On September 18–19, 2017, the MIMESIS Mid-Term Meeting took place at Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics. The academic and industrial supervisors from WIAS, University Oulu and the industrial partners EFD Induction, SSAB and Outokumpu and two representatives of the Research Executive Agency (REA) met in Berlin to discuss […]

MIMESIS Mid-Term Meeting

On 26.02.2021, I succesfully completed the scientific defence of my doctoral thesis titled “Thermal cutting of steel plates – modelling, simulation and optimal control of preheating strategies”. The defence at the Technical University of Berlin consists on a 30min presentation of the work done and then a 1 to 2 […]

PhD Defence of Manuel J. Arenas

Satish successfully defended his PhD thesis on July 28th, 2020. The dissertation with the title “Sensitization in austenitic stainless steels : quantitative prediction considering multicomponent thermodynamic and mass balance effects” can be found here. The official opponents for his public defence were Professor Minnamari Vippola and Professor Paulo J. Ferreira. […]

PhD Defence of Satish Kolli

The academic doctoral dissertation of Eshwar Ramasetti was presented for the public defence at the University of Oulu, Faculty of Technology, Center of advanced steel research on Friday, October 25th, 2019. The dissertation with the title “Modelling of Open-eye Formation and Mixing Phenomena in a Gas-stirred Ladle for Different Operating […]

PhD Defence of Eshwar Ramasetti

The last project meeting of the MIMESIS project took place on 4-5. June 2019 in Skien, Norway, where EFD Induction is based. The final meeting was embedded into an international workshop “Workshop on Mathematics and Materials Science for Steel Production and Manufacturing”.Therefore, several well-known experts in the research area of […]

Final MIMESIS workshop and meeting

The academic doctoral dissertation of Vahid Javaheri was presented for the public defence at the University of Oulu, Faculty of Technology, Center of advanced steel research on Friday, November first 2019. The dissertation with the title of ”Design, thermomechanical processing and induction hardening of a new medium-carbon steel microalloyed with niobium” can be found […]

Doctoral defence of Vahid Javaheri on 1.11.2019

On Wednesday, 30th October, I had the pleasure to present the results ofmy project during my PhD defence at the Weierstrass Institute. The oralpresentation consisted of two parts: a 30-min part on a mathematicaltopic of general interest and 10 minutes on my thesis, which is quiteshort to relate the work […]

PhD defence for work package 6

As the MIMESIS project comes closer to the end, it is time for the students to think about their careers after their PhD. Therefore, a suitable workshop fitting these needs was considered to be beneficial. The workshop was titled Careers in Academic and Beyond and held on 09/09. The coach […]

Workshop: Careers in Academia and Beyond

My name is Prerana Das, and I am from India. With bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, I pursued my master’s in computational engineering from Germany. Further, I wanted to carry out my studies in association with industrial applicability. The industrial PhD program of MIMESIS presented the perfect opportunity to do so. […]

Prerana Das – MIMESIS Experience

Kemi mine (the only chromite mine within EU) is a part of most integrated stainless steel production chain in combination with Outokumpu stainless oy at Tornio. Penetrated as of now to 1000 meter depth,  the ore deposit extends to even four kilometers. Production capacity is around 2.4 million tonnes of […]

Visit to Kemi mine