Workshop: Careers in Academia and Beyond

As the MIMESIS project comes closer to the end, it is time for the students to think about their careers after their PhD. Therefore, a suitable workshop fitting these needs was considered to be beneficial.

The workshop was titled Careers in Academic and Beyond and held on 09/09. The coach for this event was Dr. Síofra McSherry who did a wonderful job during the seven hour seminar.

During the workshop we went through different stages: career paths and strategies for PhDs into the public or private sector and identifying personal resources and goals (motivators and anchors). We had several interactive activities such as envisioning ourselves 5 years into the future and then help each other make a timeline to achieve our “dream job”.

Unfortunately not all the MIMESIS students could assist and therefore, PhD candidates from the WIAS institute were invited to participate. In the end we were all very satisfied as the event gave a broader perspective of our professional careers and filled us with hope for a bright future.