Project 5

Title Computational fluid dynamics modelling of ladle treatments
Host institution University of Oulu, Finland
Brief description The specific aim of this study is to optimise alloying practice and to reduce the consumption of nickel as an alloying element. The alloying additions are also a source for inclusions, which can be detrimental to the quality of the steel. Effects of selected alloying elements on the steel cleanness will be studied.
Mobility 15 month University of Oulu, Finland; 17 month Outokumpu, Tornio, Finland; 3 month WIAS Berlin, Germany; 1 month SSAB, Tornio, Finland
Supervisory team Timo Fabritius (Oulu University)
Jari Savolainen (Outokumpu)
Primary qualifications MSc in Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Metallurgical Engineering, Process Metallurgy, Materials Science, or similar, experience in computational fluid dynamics
Useful further skills Process metallurgy of steelmaking, transport phenomena, basics of programming