Project 6

Title Optimal control of ladle stirring
Host institution Weierstrass Institute of Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Berlin, Germany
Brief description The project objective is to improve a ladle stirring monitoring and control while maintaining or improving the cleanliness of the liquid steel. The objective will be reached by developing a model which is using imaging and vibration measurement systems to monitor the actual stirring. Better control of stirring gives a possibility to reduce formation of non-metallic inclusions and to optimize the separation of inclusions during stirring.
Mobility 15 month WIAS Berlin, Germany; 17 month SSAB, Raahe, Finland; 3 month University of Oulu, Finland; 1 month Outokumpu, Tornio, Finland
Supervisory team Volker John (WIAS)
Seppo Ollila (SSAB)
Primary qualifications MSc in Mathematics, Scientific Computing, Computational Engineering, or similar, experience in numerical methods for PDEs and ODEs
Useful further skills experience in computational fluid dynamics, nonlinear optimization, Matlab, C++