Project 7

Title Modelling, simulation and optimization of inductive pre- and post-heating for thermal cutting of steel plates
Host institution Weierstrass Institute of Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Berlin, Germany
Brief description The aim is the simulation of flame cutting of steel plates and the investigation of the influence of inductive pre- and postheating strategies for the problem of cut edge cracking. This involves the identification of the relation between temperature distribution and material strength and the computation of the heat profile based on different process parameters.
Mobility 15 month WIAS Berlin, Germany; 17 month SSAB, Raahe, Finland; 3 month University of Oulu, Finland; 1 month EFD, Skien, Norway
Supervisory team Dietmar Hömberg (WIAS)
Pertti Mikkonen (SSAB)
Primary qualifications MSc in Mathematics, Scientific Computing, Computational Engineering, or similar, experience in numerical methods for PDEs and ODEs
Useful further skills nonlinear optimization, optimal control, Matlab, C++