Project 1


Title Modelling, simulation and optimization of HF welding
Host institution EFD Induction; Skien, Norway
Brief description The aim of the project is the simulation of HF welding for the production of steel tubes. The main focus lies in the determination of the temperature profile as an indicator for the quality of the weld. The novelty will be the simulation of the material flow including phase transitions to gain insight of the material structure in the seam.
Mobility 15 month WIAS Berlin, Germany; 17 month EFD, Norway; 3 month University of Oulu, Finland; 1 month SSAB, Raahe, Finland
Supervisory team Dietmar Hömberg (WIAS), Bjørnar Grande (EFD)
Primary qualifications MSc in Mathematics, Scientific Computing, Computational Engineering, or similar, experience in numerical methods for PDEs and ODEs
Useful further skills nonlinear optimization, mathematical modelling, Matlab, C++