Project 8

Title Modelling martensite formation and austenite retention
Host institution Ruukki (part of SSAB), Raahe, Finland
Brief description The overall goal of this project is a model for the formation of lath martensite – austenite mixtures for a general steel composition (within specific limits) and cooling path from austenite during direct quenching.
Mobility 15 month University of Oulu, Finland; 17 month SSAB, Raahe, Finland; 3 month WIAS Berlin, Germany; 1 month EFD, Skien, Norway
Supervisory team David Porter (Oulu University)
Pasi Suikkanen (SSAB)
Primary qualifications Master’s degree in Materials Science and basic computing skills
Useful further skills Familiarity with any of Fortran, C, C++, Python and Matlab is an advantage